Engine is a backend HTTP server that calls smart contracts using your managed backend wallets.

  • Create & manage funded backend wallets to send blockchain transactions via authenticated APIs.
  • Build scalable blockchain apps with transaction retries, wallet nonce management, and gas estimation.
  • Offer the best UX by deploying & transacting with ERC-4337 compatible smart accounts, enabling sign-less flows and gasless transactions.
  • Get a complete web3 infrastructure already set up with RPC, IPFS, and account abstraction infrastructure.
Engine overview


  • Managed backend wallets - Create company wallets backed up locally or with AWS KMS / Google KMS.
  • Any contract on any EVM chain - Engine supports contract calls on all 1000+ EVM blockchains and private subnets.
  • High transaction throughput - Blockchain transactions are processed in parallel with nonce management, and stuck transactions are automatically retried.
  • Smart contracts - Deploy any published smart contract including tokens, NFTs, marketplaces, and smart accounts.
  • Account abstraction - Deploy and manage smart accounts, use session keys for access controls, and transact on behalf of your users.
  • Gasless transactions - Sponsor user transactions with gasless relayers and user operations.
  • Wallet and contract webhooks - Get notified of wallet and contract events to automate sending emails, printing shipping labels, or charging customers.
  • Advanced analytics (coming soon) - View transaction history trends, event logs for each transaction, a ledger of backend wallet funds, and more.

Why use Engine?

Engine is beneficial if your app:

  • Handles multiple company app wallets.
  • Requires controlled access by multiple team members.
  • Requires transactions to be delivered reliably during traffic bursts and network congestion.
  • Sends more than one transaction per block (example: 2 Ethereum transactions within 12 seconds).
  • Sponsors gas fees for your users.
  • Deploys smart accounts for each user.
  • Triggers other actions when wallet or contract events occur.

Get in touch

We're always improving Engine and welcome your feedback in Discord.

For dedicated support and feature requests, contact Sales.


Engine is open-source. You can view the source code and contribute to it on GitHub